Do you require a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Report?

TM44 Inspection

Building owners and managers who operate air-conditioning systems have statutory obligations under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to ensure that air conditioning inspections are conducted by qualified and accredited air-conditioning inspectors. This inspection is usually referred to as a TM44 inspection after the publication of the CIBSE document of the same name.

  • The first inspection of all existing air conditioning systems with a total building output of over 12 kW should have been completed by 4th January 2011.
  • The first inspection of all existing systems over 250 kW cooling capacity should have been completed by 4th January 2009.
  • Systems over 12 kW installed after January 2008 should have been inspected within 5 years of being put into service.

The purpose of the Air Conditioning Inspection Report is to provide basic information regarding the efficiency of the air conditioning systems that are covered by the regulation.

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